S T O R E  &  A R C H I V E

The undergraduate unit explores the Image of Japan in Brixton, London, investigating notions of town twinning, its benefits, impact and implications associated between two remote districts and cultures of Lambeth, London and Shinjuku, Tokyo.



Location: Leeds Beckett University, UK

Type: Architecture Exhibition

Client: Leeds Beckett University

Status: Completed

Year: 2018

Comprised of making in the widest form the unit explores film work, drawing, model making, and display - with the overarching discipline of craftsmanship; analysing the sense of renewal and ingenuity of Japanese architecture to continually rebuild and renovate itself.


The propositions target reasons that towns are twinned, such as political, social, economic, trade, cultural, investigating both the benefits and implications of town twinning and the consequential impact or contribution that the propositions make to the site and wider area.  A cross programme explores a permanent portion and an element which has the ability to transform over time with the city.



Image of Japan


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