S T O R E  &  A R C H I V E

This exhibition design was built for Studio Altar to display their Vestige_Peru collection of pottery and textiles.  The exhibition stands were displayed at London Design Fair 2019 and Contemporary Design Market in Brussels.


The timber structures are reduced to their simplest form using affordable off the shelf timber.  A strong sense of craftsmanship and detail forms the backdrop to the craftsmanship of the art pieces on display.



Location: London Design Fair, London, UK

Type: Exhibition Design

Client: Studio Altar

Status: Completed

Year: 2019

"Vestige is a pottery collection produced in Chulucanas in the north of Peru, is a reflection about the original line and function of the pre-Columbian water vessels of the Vicus culture (1000/200 BCE – 300/600 CE) traditionally constructed by an almost extinct technique in Peru called “Paleteado” (paddling). Made entirely with terracotta, the deep blackness of the pieces is achieved by placing them into an oven filled with mango leaves.


The collection has been produced in collaboration with ALLPA, a Peruvian fair trade organization based in Lima – Peru, part of the WFTO global network."



Studio Altar

Exhibition Design

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