S T O R E  &  A R C H I V E

An exhibition of found Victorian glass plate negatives.  These negatives have been cleaned, scanned, edited, and printed.



Location: Manhattan, NYC

Type: Publication

Client: Store & Archive

Status: Completed

Year: 2017

There is an intrigue in the found object and the inherent narratives that they possess.  Part of our practice is to reuse or reinterpret these kind of objects in a new fashion.  It puts into question ownership.  Who has the say on these unknown negatives?


The people are no longer alive, but is it okay that these are reprinted and exhibited?  Perhaps these were just everyday photographs, but as they have become rare, they now hold an added level of value or intrigue.


I suppose the attraction is trying to unwrap this story.  Who were these people?  Where did they live?


There is some attraction to using the plates as they are, in their current state, some with finger prints, some with other kinds of damage.  But through this there is a sense of poetry, a poetic honesty to each plate.





Victorian Glass Plate Negatives


Copyright of Store & Archive Ltd








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