S T O R E  &  A R C H I V E

VILLAGE focuses on creating a community of businesses that come together in a common village like setting.  Individual timber structures divide the existing unit to create a mini city, a village of spaces. These volumes exploit the dramatic height of the existing industrial unit, ranging from one level to three level structures.



Location: Leeds, UK

Type: Creative Space Refurbishment

Client: Hem House

Status: Shortlisted Entry

Year: 2017

Surrounding the peripheries of the structures and inbetween spaces are a series of hot desking workspaces which create continually changing street activity in and around the larger units.


A range of considered materials are chosen

to create a new language of use within this reused industrial unit. These will be affordable, accessible and off the shelf materials but detailed well to form interesting structures of architectural substance.


Construction of the units will employ Japanese carpentry techniques in order to achieve beautifully detailed volumes.


Co-working Space



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Store & Archive

Studio 28, 2nd Floor

F Block, The Biscuit Factory

100 Clements Road


SE16 4DG