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YOKO is a new healthy dog food brand based in London.


Store & Archive provided the design concept, branding, business cards, packaging, social medial design content and website.



Location: London, UK

Type: Product design and packaging

Client: YOKO Lifestyle Limited

Status: Completed

Year: 2018

YOKO is a healthy dog lifestyle brand which supports a conscious way to live – providing basic fundamentals around eating well and being healthy – treating a dog with respect as an equal.


The brand is for a new kind of dog owner: driven by an appreciation of good design, craftsmanship and meaningful visual identity.  It is this new identity that is a gap in the current dog market.


In terms of design the basic fundamental is very much about using readily available packaging material, which have inherent timeless qualities.  These standard packaging solutions are taken further and detailed in a more attentive way.


The YOKO product range includes dehydrated biscuits such as Salmon & Sweet Potato, or Dandelion Infused Liver, to a classic styled brass treat tin.  All the ingredients are responsibly sourced and organic, containing no added sugar or additives.  The presentation resembles an early 1940s style format of household design, using simple everyday items such as brown paper bags, haberdashery twine or Japanese wax paper envelopes - rejecting superfluous packaging or design.


The brand is for conscious dog owners who do not buy into the glittery and rather distasteful visuals of current dog brands.  YOKO is a mature design led brand interested in retaining their integrity and creative drive.  It is for dog owners who are simply dog owners and appreciate well crafted products.


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